Moving On…

If moving on was so easy, then Why do I still remember? Our time together or all the firsts we did together. Saying "lets just move on" was the hardest thing to say My heart was in disagreement to the words that came out. We did go separate ways to find better people. You might... Continue Reading →

No expectations except love

I am a hopeless romantic little things matter to me I don't expect anythingbut make an exception for love.I will remember datesIt's not a big ask to meI will cuddle when you askand give space when you need.I am not a gift personbut I will gift you memories,to bring a smile on your facewhich is... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year 2021

Happy New Year everyoneAs it bring us hopeThe clock strikes twelveand a new page unfoldsThe new calendar pops upStriking 1st of the first monthWhich people believeis a beginning of a better oneWith this new found hopePeople make effortsBy accepting their pastTo be a better version of themselvesMay this day lastsAs long as this yearSo that... Continue Reading →

How Far Can I Go?

How far can I go? With people I call friends Who forget to call me Every now and then I may not be a part Of their everyday But I will be in their crisis Just one call away Midnight talks to long morning walks I have been around like the Sun Giving them light... Continue Reading →


I see nothing As far as my eyes canIt's no different If I open or close them.There is no one around As far as I SenseIt's inevitable darknessWhich just gets dense.I feel like I am drownedIn a black oceanI am not even sure If it has water.My feelings are sinking Just like this bodyMy flesh... Continue Reading →

My Dream last night

Its a simple poem depicting a dream. We all wake up hearing to an alarm clock or a person and suddenly that dream breaks. I see a man On his way to work With a will to achieve And conquer his day   He looks happy Thinking of his goals And suddenly he stops As... Continue Reading →

Self Love

This is a small poem to help us realize that we can bring the change. It is important to love ourselves as we all have our own life story. We need to appreciate ourselves.I looked in the mirrorwondering of myselfMy choices, my beliefsand my willingness to help I admire myself,How I can changeNot just myselfbut... Continue Reading →

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