Just Burn the Candle

Precious is a pretty loose translation to something important or priceless. We in our daily lives, refer to a lot of things or people as precious. It means that they are special and are reserved for our utmost attention.

I had a new pair of shoes which were a mix between sneakers and hiking boots. They were white in color and one of my priced possessions. To summarize it in one word, they were ‘Precious’ to me. I decided to wear them on a perfect occasion for them. I had decided that I will wear them when there is no rain or snow. I will wear them when I have to walk the least so that they don’t get dirty. They were so precious that I store them in the original box I received and put a cloth under it to even try them out. They were not just shoes to me. They were a precious part of me. After months of lingering, I decided to finally wear them. I found an event where they would look beautiful and not get dirty, but was conscious of how to avoid getting my shoes too close to someone else’ shoes.

After a couple of times, I got dirt on them, spilled the occasional drink or food on them as well. I wasn’t comfortable initially to get my precious shoes out in the real world. But once I got comfortable, it was easy to maintain them and wear them more frequently. I was worried for no reason at all.

I think in a way, all of us have that precious things that we keep saving for the perfect time. But there is no such thing as a perfect timing. The present and the future is very dynamic. Precious thing might not be precious if held for a very long time.

We need to understand that enjoying these precious things is important. I always wonder that Wine enthusiasts store 18th or 19th century wines. They treat them as their priced possession. What is the meaning of all of this if you pass away before trying it. I personally believe that precious things should be enjoyed in the present time you have instead of the time you think you will have in the future. That glass of wine will stay precious forever if you drink it.

We must understand the precious things should be personified as friends or family. Our friends and family are precious to us. We celebrate them or celebrate time with them as the moments we spend together become precious too. Just like that precious things should also be treated as that friend or family you enjoy spending time with.

Time is the most precious thing of all. We must use our current time for the precious possessions. The value of every minute, every friend or a precious thing is real only if we include them in our present. There is no later, for later is just an imagination. Future becomes present if you consider your present to be precious.

So, use your new shoes, burn that candle that we saved for a bubble bath later this month and spend time with your precious ones now as for all we know that the future does not exist yet.


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