Midnight Stories

Lonely road We could walk alone In the Moonlight Under the glittering stars But time had come When we needed someone To bring the joy In the half way Never thought, he would be there Waiting for her Moon was never alone When they were coming home Before the sunrise Time they spent Who knew... Continue Reading →



PS- It's from a girl's perspective. Why am I considered fat  When we share the same plate of food My brother had an extra portion  Then how could I put on wieght . We both eat burgers But my brother is considered slim Stop body shaming me people You better not let those comments out.... Continue Reading →

Miss Out Of League

​Hey miss out of league How did you fell for that crazy geek He was all into his books Yet he find a lead in her storybook All he did was experiments and researchs Yet his place in her heart was reserved She might be the most beautiful creation But all he knew was questions... Continue Reading →

Gender Equality

​What's wrong in equality They don't want more than us Let them stand beside us And see the change they bring in our life Wars are won by courage  And not completely by guns Let them stand beside us  And win wars with those dauntless hearts What if they are paid equally  They will add... Continue Reading →


An eleven letter word.It means motivation or a reason for wonders to happen. Inspiration has a much broader and different meaning for writers. Inspiration is not about scenery for us. For us inspiration is a poor, a beautiful bird, may be our loved ones. Inspiration is the reason behind our feelings expressed in poems or... Continue Reading →

Tata byee-byee

This may be my last post. First of all my salutations to all the bloggers. This blogging is a difficult task. You have to do it regularly and check it, though I found it difficult. So these things are too fancy for me.But I think it's fine its not necessary to post here. The thing... Continue Reading →

Why such a splendid day came to end

Why such a splendid day came to end When everything was going so smooth with my best friend. The places we went were so eminent The places you explored which I hadn't. You big black eyes Eyes whose magic can never demise. And your dazzling smile Making our day worthwhile. Clicking so many pictures Not... Continue Reading →

Chase Dreams

Chase your dreams , Roads may not be easy But its worth it Try aleast for me. I tought you to try With all the passion, Winning or loosing doesn't matter But what matters is your contribution. Your contribution can be through many ways But full devotion is required to do such traits, Almighty sees... Continue Reading →

Dying Imagination

This is not to hurt anyone but in today's time imagination is dying.Around 150to 160years ago when there was no Cinema and around 250years ago when there were no novels. But that time people started writing, started making plots and cinema was created. That time they had more imagination for films than today. Today if... Continue Reading →

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