'Freedom' May sound freedom  But doesn't always interpret It's a shadow over many; A disguise of liberty It means free or so we have heard Ask a man trapped in life and our perception might fickle It means independent to make choices for ourselves  Ironical to see a bride walking by herself with all her... Continue Reading →



O life O life what have you done Made me a stronger and a wise man No more of childishness I see No more pranks or mischief I do The tie I once hated around my neck Is all I think of today The formal attire was not my thing Is what I used to... Continue Reading →


A lot of us feel that we know about relationships, what it’s all about and the commitment required towards your partner. Commitment as we define is the vow to our partner to love him/her unconditionally, being loyal, and be together in good and bad. Guys are more afraid of commitment than girls. Every time a... Continue Reading →


It’s a four letter word. It looks that simple but it is not. As a child we are not taught about what life is, what our parents face every day or what challenges life has to offer them. All we had to do was learn how to read and write. We were living a life... Continue Reading →

 Lost Soul

I was lost on the right way I was in a fuss from where one could not get easily away I followed others and lost my track There was so much rush that I could not look back. My parents chose the very same path for me So that my life could be comfortable and... Continue Reading →

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