My Dream last night

Its a simple poem depicting a dream. We all wake up hearing to an alarm clock or a person and suddenly that dream breaks.

low angle photo of dreamcatcher
Photo by Nandhu Kumar on

I see a man

On his way to work

With a will to achieve

And conquer his day


He looks happy

Thinking of his goals

And suddenly he stops

As someone hits him with a stone.


He looks around

He sees a Girl

All that  happiness turned into anger,

As he approaches her to ask;

“Why did you do it?”

He asked as his face turned red

The girl stood quiet there

Giving him a stare


The girl looked innocent

And quite afraid there

“Is it because of me ?”

The man questioned himself


She said Wake up!

Wake up please!!

I am just an imagination,

and It is all just a dream

Wake up Wake up please!!


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