A lot of us feel that we know about relationships, what it’s all about and the commitment required towards your partner. Commitment as we define is the vow to our partner to love him/her unconditionally, being loyal, and be together in good and bad. Guys are more afraid of commitment than girls. Every time a girl thinks of taking the relationship to next level; being serious thinking about long-term goals like marriage a guy steps back. The girls have a very common issue of trust with boys. This is the reason why girls are afraid to commit. TRUST is the first step towards commitment. Commitment is different for every couple. Some commit to be in a casual fling, some for a long relationship. Relationship is synonymous used for commitment but teenage kids (14-16) uploading their couple goals is satirical to it. Practically no one finds their true love at this age. Going into a bigger aspect marriage is the ultimate commitment. One person commits to another for life. In India people accept all the flaws of their partners no matter what. The idea of divorce is not very Indian. People fight, they resolve and start the next day fresh. Sometimes they don’t but they can’t really just stop talking. Divorce is the last thing they think of. On the contrary to this people in the west have a great success at idea of divorce. If they feel the person is not right for them, they divorce and move ahead with life. The old belief of only one soul mate is long gone all around the globe. One moment you feel the person is right for you and the next second your opinion changes. Commitment is a beautiful bond between two people. Loyalty is really important for commitment. No matter you commit for a month or a week but being there in it; giving your 100%to that relationship is really important. Trust and commit. Some time it takes time to commit but it’s worth it.


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