It’s a four letter word. It looks that simple but it is not. As a child we are not taught about what life is, what our parents face every day or what challenges life has to offer them. All we had to do was learn how to read and write. We were living a life but an easy one. As one grows up life grows with him or her. Failures, success, break-ups, ups and downs and what not came into existence. All of this happens because we start understanding other’s life as well (parent’s life to be precise). Lives devoted to us, for our better life. Is life of an adult is difficult or an easy one? The question itself is rhetoric. It depends on how one defines life and what he/she wants to do from his/her life. Life of a middle class man’s son to that of a rich man’s son will be different. Life is different for not only these but everyone. To expect something out of it, we have to make things happen. Ranting about something or another won’t help. We all have courage and will to make something out of this life. Life is what you make out of this life. One should accept failures, learn new things, forgive others and live. Thinking about future will be a loss of living life to its fullest today. Some may think of life as easy as a four letters word while someone else might think of it to be as complex as a chemical formula. Accept what life has to offer.




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