Why such a splendid day came to end

Why such a splendid day came to end

When everything was going so smooth with my best friend.

The places we went were so eminent

The places you explored which I hadn’t.

You big black eyes

Eyes whose magic can never demise.

And your dazzling smile

Making our day worthwhile.

Clicking so many pictures

Not only ours but also those cute little creatures.

Their coming near my hand was so catchy

And their run back towards the trees was so snappy.

So many moments, so many smiles we had

I think for a day our life missed the word ‘bad’.

Though I know nothing can go wrong

With you I feel more happy as well as strong.

Even the food we had was good

And the drinks got us over our tired moods.

I love you best friend for this day

I know we will explore more places;if we keep meeting this way.


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