Last ‘Teen’ Years part 2

Teen is an endless chapter one can read. There are some other things just than mixed emotions that a teen feel. Attraction towards a girl or a boy, mostly seen during 15or 16. Most teens including me try to communicate with opposite sex. We feel that it’s the time when friends or best friends understand  us better than others. Mood swings is a cute part of teenage, where one feels OK about a thing and later on may not be feeling the same. At times you are happy with someone and later on feels irritated with that individual. But those who always stay by your side no matter how much of an argument you have are the friends making your life better. Enjoy with those who feel the same towards you. Create friends but for life. Cheerish what you are doing now. Feel free as a bird to fly and explore. This phase never comes back. It is the time where your best comes out of you. Teenage is definitely the best time in your life so lets deal with it in the best way.


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