Tata byee-byee

This may be my last post. First of all my salutations to all the bloggers. This blogging is a difficult task. You have to do it regularly and check it, though I found it difficult. So these things are too fancy for me.But I think it's fine its not necessary to post here. The thing... Continue Reading →


Why such a splendid day came to end

Why such a splendid day came to end When everything was going so smooth with my best friend. The places we went were so eminent The places you explored which I hadn't. You big black eyes Eyes whose magic can never demise. And your dazzling smile Making our day worthwhile. Clicking so many pictures Not... Continue Reading →

Chase Dreams

Chase your dreams , Roads may not be easy But its worth it Try aleast for me. I tought you to try With all the passion, Winning or loosing doesn't matter But what matters is your contribution. Your contribution can be through many ways But full devotion is required to do such traits, Almighty sees... Continue Reading →

Dying Imagination

This is not to hurt anyone but in today's time imagination is dying.Around 150to 160years ago when there was no Cinema and around 250years ago when there were no novels. But that time people started writing, started making plots and cinema was created. That time they had more imagination for films than today. Today if... Continue Reading →

Last ‘Teen’ Years part 2

Teen is an endless chapter one can read. There are some other things just than mixed emotions that a teen feel. Attraction towards a girl or a boy, mostly seen during 15or 16. Most teens including me try to communicate with opposite sex. We feel that it's the time when friends or best friends understand ... Continue Reading →

Last ‘teen’ years

This is an on the spot kind of thing. I was going across my old poems and stories, and now found them amusing. No one would ever believe that in my first poem I used Hindi words mixed with English. See the thing is I improved and got better must of us will think.But I... Continue Reading →

Teaching a national mission

We take another initiative, an important mission Which will lead us to the development in country's long run. The mission isn't tough, but the in between challenges are To see a fully educated country's dream is not very far. This teaching is an act for the nation To distribute the power of knowledge to everyone... Continue Reading →

Crazy love :-P

I am in love With a girl so special Don't know if she loves me too But her eyes are magical U don't say much But i still understand u Even telepathy techniques fail But not the understanding between me and u I like to express this love This uncontrollable feeling My feelings are just... Continue Reading →

Teacher’s Day♥

Happy teacher's day Thanks for this 14year long stay From nursery till date It's because of you so many traits and values I inculcate Everyone of you is a second mother We will be indebted with your love that will take us further Teaching basics in Nursery To class 12th complex chemistry Thanks for always... Continue Reading →

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