You are my someone For whom I care the most You are my heaven On this planet of Universe No force is present To separate us You are the first thought Coming through my mind It's better to note down And preserve you my sunshine♥


Her ‘Black eyes’

Her eyes are beautiful Her eyes are powerful One look at that black pearl And you could fall for that girl Her eyes are magical Brighter than an emerald I fall for such eyes Just like all the other guys Her eyes,her eyes Gives a glimpse of my sunrise God has sent an angel in... Continue Reading →

She is my female version

You are a female version of me But a much more  tangled mystery No one can completely know you Even if we together grew Your smile is as optimistic as the white light I promise I will never go out of sight All my talking with you is real All my poems is the way... Continue Reading →

Hello world!

The Blame of degraded EARTH It's not the same old Earth I heard about, it's the Earth a bit different today fighting from man's scrutiny,making its way. The days are hotter hotter than they have ever been, many have failed to find a solution is man also responsible for this or only the sun? We... Continue Reading →

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